Golf course owners are introduced to RacquetGolf, a new course activity that can increase top line revenue and bottom line profits.

RacquetGolf gives golf course owners the opportunity to fill “OPEN TEE TIMES” at current green fee level price points or slightly higher for larger group play, and fulfills the public’s quest, ages 5 to 85+, for an outdoor, low-skill, healthy exercise activity having a low-equipment entry cost.

Many trends in the golf industry today (revenue, rounds played, new golfers…) are flat at best. Pro-active approaches and out-of-the-box solutions are required to bring additional customers to the course to turn the trend lines positive.

There can be a synergistic effect from RacquetGolf. New non-golfer customers playing and enjoying RacquetGolf may be encouraged by the activity and less intimidated to take up traditional golf. Traditional golfers will have an opportunity to bring their non-golfer family members, grandchildren, neighbors and fundraiser associates to the course and introduce basic golf rules and etiquette to make traditional golf attractive, with RacquetGolf as a first step.

It will take some time to review and digest the information presented. The RacquetGolf video itself is 8 minutes in length, but necessary to give the viewer a visual understanding of the activity and a sense as to howRacquetGolf and theRacquetPutter come together to provide players a unique activity for group fun, outdoor exercise and golf course owners the opportunity to fill “OPEN TEE TIMES” with a new base of paying customers “to make the cash register ring”.

The primary goal is to introduce and expand the 'game of golf' to a new audience through RacquetGolf play. The second and equally important goal of RacquetGolf is to to donate a portion of revenue collected by the RacquetGolf Association to the Wounded Warrior Project. The donated funds will be earmarked for specialized golf equipment and other such funding assistance that promote traditional golf to them and their immediate families, and a scholarship fund for their children to ease the mental burden involved with education expenses.

RacquetGolf and RacquetPutter are trademarked.

RacquetPutter is a USA manufactured product and patent-pending.