The golf course owner will incur some advertising and publicity expense to introduce and launch RacquetGolf within their community until the word gets out on this new golf course activity. Advertising may not be needed once the word spreads within the community on the new fun, family, easy to play game for "non-golfers" (and traditional golfers with family and friends) at the local golf course. A "Getting Started" advertising packet will be available to golf course owners who establish the RacquetGolf activity at their course.

Here are a few low or no cost advertising methods to capture attention:

(1) Consider announcing RacquetGolf on your website,

(2) Place a large sign near the clubhouse check-in location,

(3) Give an interview for an article in a local newspaper,

(4) Place announcements in church, school and school booster club bulletins.

(5) Mail a personal letter to local community leaders who conduct fundraising events explaining the RacquetGolf activity and how, as a fundraising event, participation can increase dramatically.

And encourage all groups to register their fundraiser dates early to enjoy the RacquetGolf experience.