Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is RacquetGolf ?

A golf course oriented, friendly, competitive activity for groups such as families, "non-golfers" and traditional golfers that uses a RacquetGolf unit (tennis or racquetball racquet) with a RacquerPutter attached to hit a racquetball ball from the tee box to the green, then putt a regular golf ball and record a stroke score for the hole.

How did RacquetGolf originate ?

RacquetGolf came about from identifying a need for a family or group of people to enjoy a fun activity in the outdoors, for a healthy, exercise oriented, low-skill activity, using low-cost entry equipment ... and the realization that golf courses had a large amount of “OPEN TEE TIMES” on their daily schedule, as well as, the golf industry having to introduce the "non-golfer" population to basic golf rules and etiquette and its fun.

What is the RacquetGolf & RacquetPutter trademark and patent status ?

Is there a price increase for groups larger than a foursome ?

Actually the RacquetGolf price for a foursome can be the same as charged in traditional golf. Golfers beyond four have stated that they would be willing to pay a bit more per hole per player if more than a foursome could go on the course as a group to play together. Fixed group fees are encouraged. Pricing is up to the local golf course owner.