Let’s look at one scenario that should “make the cash register ring” many times during a year at your golf course --- Fundraising Events.

Fundraising event organizers of all group sizes --- will recognize that RacquetGolf can bring more player participants ("non-golfers") to the golf course than only traditional golfers.

With some local advertising and promotion by the golf course owner, fundraisers should be attracted to RacquetGolf as the activity would mean a larger participation pool for the event, bringing increases in revenue to the golf course owner. Any golf course owner would enjoy sending 6-12 players (and 2 deep) to the tee box in each playing group in a shotgun start.

The math for success is easy to calculate should you may have 4 or 5 individual groups of 6-12 players occupying every fairway at green fee rates comparable to traditional golf rates.

RacquetGolf, a fast paced walking activity with a low-skill, low equipment cost, will appeal to a larger number of "non-golfers" and non-athletic potential participants. Fundraiser organizers know the risk to participation when selecting a golf course to host an event. Potential participants encounter an immediate entry fear and intimidation in signing up knowing that individuals are expected to have a level of skill in traditional golf --- a skill requirement that is not the case with RacquetGolf since you can master the swing stroke in 10 seconds.

The RacquetGolf video showed a wide age range and the varied player skill levels enjoying the RacquetGolf experience.

The RacquetGolf activity as a concept and its games are simple.

The racquet and its strings are used to hit and propel the ball (golf, racquetball, tennis or plastic ball) from the tee box and down the fairway. The RacquetPutter is used only on the green to putt the golf ball in the hole. All RacquetGolf activities are easier than traditional golf.

Suggested play is to use the up-front tee box for a par 3 hole and shorter par 4 holes. Place tee box indicators at about 150-175 yards out from the green for longer par 4 and par 5 holes.

Course owner judgment is required for tee box placement with consideration for the playing time expected on each hole as a factor for consideration.

In some cases ravines, lakes and other difficult obstacles will have to be identified as “walk-arounds” (walks). More will be said on course obstacles and “walks” later in the text.