ALPHABET BALL (GRT – Golf / Racquetball / Tennis)

Rotate hitting the balls in the GRT sequence from the tee box and fairway. On the green the group decides all players are to use the golf ball or racquetball to putt. You can alternate the putting ball choice every other green.


Switch is a variation of the ALPHABET BALL game. In switch, the youngest player designates which type ball (golf, racquetball or tennis ball) will be used on the tee box and which ball type will be used on the fairway, and designates the putting ball, golf or racquetball. At the next tee box the next youngest player designates the ball type order for that hole. Keep working up the age ladder for the following holes as to who makes the selections.


Kids hit the golf ball for distance and adults use the tennis ball for less distance. All players use the either the golf ball or racquetball as designated by the kids for putting on the green. Adults may determine a fair number of strokes on each hole to deduct from the kids total score in addition to individual competition scores. As an option, kids may require the adults to switch to their opposite swing to hit the ball from the tee box, fairway and when putting.


Everyone plays the ball of choice on the tee box and fairway. Everyone selects the putting ball of choice on the green, either the golf ball or the racquetball.


Teams are formed within the group. All players in each group hit the same type ball at each shot point on the tee box and the fairway as in traditional golf. Each team picks their best shot and all members on the team hit from that same spot using the same type ball. Putting on the green is from the same spot for all members on the team. All team putting on the green use the same type ball for the hole either a golf ball or racquetball.


This game is played as it sounds. Players can use their imagination to vary the order of hitting and which ball to use. The only rule is all hitting activity must advance the ball from the tee box to the green at a pace so as to not disrupt forward progress or hinder the pace of the group playing behind your group.

… and more games can be added and shared with your imagination.