It is no secret --- that industry wide, the golfing population is older and aging, with fewer younger players taking up golf, and there is increasing competition among golf course owners for fewer and fewer regular golfers. Such reports are not a good recipe for individual golf course survival or overall industry growth should the pattern continue. And it is not business healthy for golf course owners to be eating each other, competitively speaking, in attempts to attract regular golf players.

Is there a solution or activity for the golf course owner to attract new customers to increase revenue and net profit?

The bromides provided by consultants thus far have had marginal success and don’t appear to be the answer nor have the staying power over the long run.

A sampling of solutions such as adjust the pricing schedule, offer bottled water on the course, say “thank you” more often to the golfing clientele only go so far. Those recommendations should continue to be followed so as to keep the regular golfing customers and hopefully encourage newbies to become regulars. But most of those solutions are related to just being a good host.

In addition to keeping your regular golfing customers and getting newbies to convert to regulars ... and here is a key point … how about offering a way for the regular golfers to bring 1, 2, 3 … maybe 12 new non-golfer customers to play an activity from your tee boxes to significantly reduce and even completely eliminate any idle "OPEN TEE TIME" slots.