Yes --- when examining a golf course owner’s fixed and variable costs.

Filling the idle “OPEN TEE TIMES” with RacquetGolf as a new revenue activity should NOT ADD TO FIXED COSTS for a golf course as most fixed categories have been covered by the normal upkeep operations for traditional golf.

With minimal additional fixed costs and minimal variable costs, it may becoming clearer that RacquetGolf can “make the cash register ring” in terms of profit for the golf course owner and deliver a fun event for the non-golfing public.

In addition to greens fees revenue, the increase in RacquetGolf traffic logically generates revenue from additional food and beverage sales, merchandise sales, RacquetGolf equipment rentals (if players don’t bring their own equipment).

Cart rental income is possible should the grandparents want to ride along to see their grandchildren active in an outdoor, exercise activity rather than watching heads fixated on a hand-held electronic device or sitting catatonically inside the house watching cartoons. Of course cart rentals assumes the grandparents want only to ride along and watch rather than join in the RacquetGolf fun as a player.