There is a new golf course activity that offers an opportunity to “make the cash register ring”, but it requires some flexibility in how to use your golf course “factory”.

The new golf course activity is RacquetGolf --- an activity that combines racquet sports and golf to deliver a fun, large group oriented, outdoor activity that follows the general golf game format in rules and etiquette.

Our video will give a sense and feel for RacquetGolf … and its appeal to a wide variety of new customers ages 5 – 85+.

But before viewing the video here are some overview comments to give insight to the RacquetGolf activity.

RacquetGolf can be played on any golf course during the tee time slots the golf course owner makes available, and maybe exclusively scheduled for the known “OPEN TEE TIME” slots when light or no player activity exists on the golf course.

Think of the large number of diverse groups within a community, including families, friends and groups of neighbors looking for a fun, healthy, low-skill, outdoor exercise activity that can be played in a group of 4-12 players of any age.

During the introduction to the RacquetGolf video, construct a mental list of the community groups such as churches, schools, booster clubs, fundraising events, businesses and other organizations that have group outings who may be attracted to RacquetGolf activity option.