RacquetGolf, a low-skill, immediate success game when compared to traditional golf, uses low-cost entry equipment making it attractive to all economic groups and especially to individuals fearful of even trying to play traditional golf and the high equipment and gear entry cost to try.


The fact is most individuals and families have multiple tennis or racquetball racquets lying about gathering dust making RacquetGolf a low-cost equipment activity. And as far as making contact with the game ball, it is far easier to make contact with the ball using the strings on a tennis or racquet ball racquet than a golf club.


There are many people who have never set foot on a golf course who seem to believe it is a garden center for a game that requires superior coordination and athletic ability based on what they see on television. RacquetGolferases or significantly reduces that fear and intimidation factor.


Golf course owners can structure their course to play RacquetGolf for a single hole (a test drive experience), 3 holes, 6 or 9 holes or whatever number fits the course layout. First time child players (ages 4-8) may find 3 holes just the right challenge size.


Suggested play is to use the up-front tee box for a par 3 hole and shorter par 4 holes. Place tee box indicators at about 150-175 yards out from the green for longer par 4 and par 5 holes. Upon completing a hole, players follow the traditional golf paths to the next designated RacquetGolf tee box area.


You may realize watching the RacquetGolf video that there is a synergistic opportunity with people coming to your golf course to play RacquetGolf.


New "non-golfers" playing RacquetGolf will become more comfortable and see the benefit a golf course offers in outdoor, exercise and group fun, and become more open to attempting traditional golf.


Traditional golfers can bring their families and non-golfing friends to play RacquetGolf to open eyes as to the fun, camaraderie and friendly competition available at a golf course. During play, the traditional golfer can introduce golf rules and etiquette to reduce any intimidation fears associated with traditional golf, giving another opportunity to encourage more people, especially younger players, to consider taking up traditional golf or scheduling lessons.


After you have watched the RacquetGolf video, there are questions answered and additional issues addressed that may have entered your thought process while viewing the video. And as you view the video, think about “what steps are needed to implement RacquetGolf at your golf course”.


A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) section exists later in the text that was structured to answer questions that arose during designing the RacquetPutter and the RacquetGolf activity. The FAQ list will continue to grow in length as additional questions or issues are raised concerning RacquetGolf. Use the "Contact Us" form to reach us for additional information.