Intro to RacquetGolf in less than 2.5 minutes

  • Is a new group oriented (4-12 players), low-skill, low equipment entry cost, healthy outdoor exercise activity for ages 5 - 85+. 
  • Offers the opportunity for non-golfers to enjoy the fun and beauty of a golf course. Playing RacquetGolf invites non-golfers to think about scheduling traditional golf lessons.  
  • Allows traditional golfers to share their course experience with non-golfer family members and friends to encourage their thinking in a direction of trying traditional golf. 
  • Is a winning activity for both the public and the golf course owners. 
  • Is perfect for parents and grandparents to share valuable time together to lift their loved ones heads up from the electronic texting devices and replace catatonic stares at cartoon shows with smiles and enjoyment from a healthy, outdoor exercise activity.